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Image by Joanna Kosinska

One of IlliDell’s most unique opportunities is its ability to build a strong social network that provides both a positive experience and makes each student more successful in their academic life. IlliDell offers our members insight about classes and helpful information through upperclassman who have experience in various majors. This offers an opportunity for collaboration and success that is difficult to find outside of Greek life. IlliDell’s foundation was built on scholastic excellence and we take pride in insuring that the tradition of excellent scholastic achievment continues. As a way of rewarding members for their academic success, the IlliDell Education Foundation awards multiple scholarship that are listed below. In the 2020-2021 school year $84,000 was earned by members!



Freshman showing superior academic accomplishment.


Sophomore or Junior in Crop Sciences excelling in academics and leadership. 


Sophomore or Junior showing oustanding commitment to IlliDell.

Performance Scholarship

All Active Members who meet set standards receive a scholarship with monetary amounts being determined by GPA.  

Activation Scholarship

Upon completing all requirements for activation members will recieve a scholarship. 

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