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Living and belonging to IlliDell Fraternity greatly enhanced my college experience, my lifelong network of friends, my career in agriculture, and my sense of belonging to a rich and proud tradition of cooperative living.

As one of the many small town farm boys that ventured to the University of Illinois, I felt fortunate to be enrolled in what was then the College of Agriculture. Immediately, I felt at home and at ease with the culture within the College that made the "Big U" seem like back home. But when I joined IlliDell after my sophomore year, it took my experience to another level. I was living with the cream of the crop of the College – the leaders of all of the Ag organizations on campus. They expanded my college experience through increased involvement in various organizations, while continuing to emphasize the academic challenges that were available. Most of all the fellowship with a group of men of uncommonly high standards of excellence and professionalism made me a better person.

That network of friends that I lived with at IlliDell always seemed like family. As I ventured into graduate school, the military, agribusiness, farming, farm organizations, and public positions, I never lost contact with that IlliDell family. It is a lifelong bond not only among those that I actually lived with but also with other alumni that had shared that same IlliDell experience. And once again I find IlliDell Alums to be the cream of the crop. They are in leadership in business, in organizations, in academic circles, in local communities and international positions. And once again they have helped me to expand what I can be.

- Ron Warfield, Alumni, Illinois Farm Bureau President 1993-2003

On a very large campus, IlliDell Fraternity is like a little slice of home for the young men who live there. The University is a diverse place, however, IlliDell is filled with members who all have grown up in rural areas and have much in common.

Our family has been part of the IlliDell family since 1980. My husband was a member of IlliDell, and now 30 years later our son is an active member, and presently lives at the house. The fact that IlliDell is a cooperative fraternity is impressive. The young men that call the house on Chalmers their home work together to keep it running smoothly, and in good condition. It is this ownership that inspires each member to do his part.

I have always found IlliDell Fraternity to be welcoming to their parents, family, alumni, and guests. They have numerous events where parents are invited to visit. Moms weekend is especially nice. The IlliDell members plan events for the entire weekend, and treat their moms to a wonderful time. It is very rewarding to see firsthand how well the gentlemen work together, the pride they have in their home, and the respect they have for their parents as well as each other.

Leaving our son at college was one of the hardest things to do. However, knowing that he was at a University where he was going to get an outstanding education, and in a fraternity house environment where he was safe, accepted, comfortable, and enthused about being there made all the difference in the world. I have seen the benefits of IlliDell fraternity now in two generations. In each, credit can be given for teaching life lessons, inspiring camaraderie, and producing friendships that will last a lifetime.

- Glenda Recker
Wife to Ronald Recker, Pledge Class 1980
Mother to Ross Recker, Pledge Class 2008

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